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Agave Desmettiana Variegated El Miradores Gold Plant Pups x 4

12.00 AUD 16.00 AUD

Plant Specs4 x Agave Desmettiana Variegated El Miradores Gold Plant Pups (as pictured in last 3 photos)Agave Desmettiana Variegated El MiradoresThe Agave Desmettiana Variegated El Miradores Gold Plant is an attractive, evergreen perennial known for its striking gold-striped, succulent foliage that forms a beautiful rosette pattern. Originating..

Kalanchoe Silver Spoons

7.50 AUD 12.00 AUD

Kalanchoe Silver SpoonsKalanchoe Silver Spoons Plant, also known as Kalanchoe Bracteata, is a succulent plant characterized by its silver foliage with spoon-shaped leaves, hence its common name. This native plant of Madagascar typically grows up to two feet tall and has a clump-forming habit. In the late winter or spring, it produces clusters of sm..

Tropical Fern Microsorum Seedlings

15.00 AUD

Tropical Fern MicrosorumTropical Fern Microsorum Seedlings, commonly known as Water Fern or Java Fern, is an easy-to-care indoor plant renowned for its adaptability and hardy nature. This plant can grow well in both terrestrial and aquatic environments, with vibrant green leaves that enhance the aesthetics of any space. Plant Care Guide1. Light: ..

Philodendron Prince of Orange

10.00 AUD

AboutThe Philodendron Prince of Orange is a vibrant houseplant, popular for its bright, colour-changing foliage. The name is derived from its unique leaves which transition from vibrant orange to different shades of green as they mature. This plant, native to South America, is considered easy to care for and makes an attractive addition to any indo..

Krimson Princess - Hoya Carnosa

10.00 AUD 15.00 AUD

Hoya Carnosa 'Krimson Princess', also known as the wax plant, is a popular houseplant valued for its glossy foliage and stunning pink-white flowers. This semi-succulent plant is native to East Asia and Australia. Its vibrant green leaves with creamy white borders provide an eye-catching display, often contrasting with crimson-hued vines, thus earni..

Spider Plants - Chlorophytum Comosum

4.00 AUD 6.00 AUD

AboutChlorophytum Comosum, more commonly known as the Spider Plant, is a popular houseplant appreciated for its easy maintenance and vibrant green leaves. Its delicate, arching fronds, speckled with cream, yellow, or white make it an attractive addition to any indoor plant collection. Native to Southern Africa, these plants can reach up to 2 feet ..

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Welcome to Inbox Plant Shop, where we provide beautiful plants that are grown and cared for in Australia by myself.

Our passion for plants and nature is the driving force behind our online business, and we pride ourselves on our high-quality indoor and outdoor plants. From lush foliage to succulents and cacti, our plant collection will provide a peaceful and tranquil environment in your home, office, or garden.

Our goal is to share our love of plants with our customers. We understand the benefits of incorporating plants into your everyday life, and our aim is to provide plants that can help enhance your well-being and create a beautiful space.

Our selection of plants is carefully chosen, and we ensure that each plant is healthy and well-cared for. Our plants are delivered straight to your door, Australia-wide, so you can enjoy the benefits of indoor and outdoor greenery no matter where you live.

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