Shipping Information

Delivery services and tracking are provided by the individual store owner. Please read the store's delivery options before any purchase as each seller may provide different delivery options and times.

For delivery information visit the store or contact the store owner directly for their delivery policy.


Shipping FAQ


How long will my order take to be delivered?

Every store owner on our website has its own shipping policy and delivery method, so timeframes will vary. Usually between 4-7 working days.


You can view the seller’s delivery options in their store or product listing.

Please note that our store owners currently only ship within Australia.


How is shipping calculated?

Each seller charges its own shipping fee, meaning each order from each store will have its own shipping fee. For example, If you are shopping from 3 sellers in one order, each store will charge its own shipping fee and your order will have 3 shipping fees in it. 


Will I pay delivery costs on each individual item?

No, if all the items in your cart are from the same store, you will only pay one (1) shipping fee, unless the store owner has shipping charged per item.

Should you have items from multiple sellers products within your cart, multiple shipping fees from each seller will apply.


Who do I contact regarding my delivery?

All queries concerning orders and delivery details should be addressed directly with the store/s you are purchasing from. If you’re ordering items from multiple stores, you’ll need to contact each one individually for their delivery information. 


My item hasn't been delivered, who do I contact?

We firstly recommend that you directly contact the store you ordered from by heading to their store and clicking the ‘contact’ button. You can then fill in a contact form to enquire about any relevant tracking information and follow up on your order with the store owner.

If you don’t receive a response or receive your delivery after an appropriate period of time, please forward your purchase confirmation email to and we’ll happily look into it for you. 


Help! My delivery address is wrong.

If you accidentally input an incorrect address for your order, you need to contact the seller immediately and notify them of the error. A store owner cannot be responsible for an incorrect address if the item has already been sent.