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Dancing Lady Orchid - Oncidium - 1 x

16.00 AUD


Anthurium Paris Black

28.00 AUD

Anthurium Black Paris is a unique and striking indoor plant with dark-colored, glossy foliage. The plant boasts impressive large black to dark green leaves, creating a distinct statement in any home or office. It’s known for its low-maintenance needs, air purifying properties and can even bloom all year long, given the right conditions, producing r..

Desert Rose - Adenium Obesum - Pink - Sale

45.00 AUD

1x Desert Rose Plant - May or may not be flowering at time of purchase The Desert Rose Pale Pink Paris is a succulent bush native to Eastern and South-eastern Africa and Arabia. It's known for its stunning pale pink blooms that resemble the romantic flowers found in Paris. The plant boasts beautiful bright pink flowers with thick succulent-like ..

Ficus Tineke - Variegated Rubber Tree Plant

8.00 AUD

1 x Small Ficus Tineke Grown From Cutting Ficus Tineke, also known as the Variegated Rubber Plant, is an exotic and aesthetically appealing indoor plant known for its attractive foliage. It showcases stunning green leaves with contrasting white to cream margins, which become more pronounced as the plant matures. Native to Australia, this unique ..

Anthurium Fire Glow - Flamingo Flower Plant

8.50 AUD

You will receive 1 x Anthurium Fire Glow Plant as pictured in the last photos. May or may not be flowering at the time of purchase. Anthurium Fire Glow, also known as flamingo flower, is an eye-catching tropical plant that stands out due to its brilliant red, glossy foliage. The unique heart-shaped leaves are known to bloom year-round when prope..

Peace Lily Plants - Spathiphyllum

6.00 AUD

Peace Lily plants, also known as Spathiphyllum, are beautiful indoor plants appreciated for their glossy green leaves and elegant white flowers. Native to tropical regions of America and Southeastern Asia, these plants are well-suited for indoor living conditions, thriving in low to moderate light. Here are some care instructions for beginner ga..

Heliconia Psittacorum, Parakeet Flower, Parrots Flower, Parrots Beak - 2 x Rhizomes

25.00 AUD

2 x Rhizomes - Heliconia Psittacorum Commonly Known As: Parrot's Beak, Parakeet Flower, False Bird of Paradise, Parrot's Flower Botanical Marvel in Your Garden Native to the tropical Americas, Heliconia Psittacorum has gracefully adapted to the Australian climate, particularly thriving in the warm, humid regions along the northern and east..

Euphorbia Trigona, African Milk Tree, Cathedral Cactus Cuttings

12.00 AUD

1 x Euphorbia Trigona Cutting Euphorbia Trigona, also affectionately known as African Milk Tree, Cathedral Cactus, or Abyssinian Euphorbia. Its upright, ribbed, and branching growth habit adds a sculptural quality to any plant collection, making it a must-have for those looking to enhance their indoor jungle with a touch of the exotic. In Austra..

Tradescantia Zebrina Bosse, Tradescantia Zebrina, Wandering Jew Plants

13.00 AUD

Euphorbia Tradescantia Zebrina Bosse, also known as the Wandering Jew Plant, Inch Plant, or simply Tradescantia Zebrina, is a highly attractive and popular indoor plant renowned for its striking appearance and resilience. Originating from Mexico, it has found a loving place in homes across Australia, adding a splash of color with its vibrant, zebra..

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